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Black on Black Crime brings you the best hardcore black porn on the web. Watch as black alpha males with big cocks dominate angry black women until they are nothing more than submissive ebony sluts. - Black on Black Crime

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Added: March 23, 2023 | Runtime: 31:30 | 509 Photos
I found out who I be fuckin tonight, and found her FB and she a divestor. I had the words of brother Tariq in my head like the voice of Yakub himself. No cap. I figured the only way I could fix this was to chasten her like only a pussy pounding pastor can. I went full holy ghost on this jawn. I was caught up in the holy ghost trance, and fucked her raw like she had ants in her pants. I slang my dick down past those lips and I seen't some sass, but I was havn'n that from no divestors ass. I fixed her right with my dick. She left walking like she dun stol'd my momma's vcr and played it slick. She ain't be goin back to no YT now. Not after how I fucked that ish. I fucked her like no YT ever could.

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