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Black On Black Crime » Lucea Brixton

Watch Full Video Lucea Brixton
Runtime: 43 min of video

Poor Lucea had a dream of being a porn star. She's cute and has a decent enough body for it... big fake tits and all. Unfortunately for her, her first stop on the road to stardom was us. The second her face was pimp slapped by Tyrone, it got real. Her throat couldn't find his big black meat so she ended up barfing all over herself and the floor. While she was getting fucked, I made her rub her tits in the puke and also play with it in her hands. That nearly brought her to tears... but I thought it was fucking funny as shit. When Tyrone got tired of listening to her whimper and complain, he blew a nut all over her whore face and we sent her packing. Adios, skank!

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