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Black On Black Crime » Buss Down Betty

Watch Full Video Buss Down Betty
Runtime: 45 min of video

Buss Down Betty is a fucking hog. I really wish porn had a weight limit because this is getting out of hand. And while we're at it... what the fuck is a "buss down." I don't think she even knows. If I had to guess, it probably means "disgusting." Anyway, we brought in a new thug named Big Black Machine to rough up this skank. He brought the fucking pain, boy! She was chugging up puke and snot, eating vomit soaked rags, getting slapped around like a red headed stepchild and ultimately treated the way all fat black bitches need to be treated! Let this be a lesson to all you obese sistas... no one likes you. Get skinny or get fucked up!

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